New Generation Digital Insurance

The TOOB Insurance (TOOBINS) Platform aims to guarantee your capital as a result of the depreciation of your crypto assets by paying very low insurance fees.

Insurance against damage

TOOBINS' working principle is a first in the crypto world, and it has a working system based on the proven existence of TOOBCOIN and the coins in TOOBEXC in long and short terms in return for low costs in return for loss.

Cold wallet

It is a privilege that TOOBINS gives only to TOOBEXC users. The cold wallet that TOOBINS provides to its users keeps your cryptocurrency safe.

Bank guarantee

TOOBINS has a structure that aims to keep user security at the maximum by giving cash mutual guarantees to its users, consisting of its own assets.

Your crypto assets are safe

TOOBINS completely secures your main asset, preventing your assets from being lost and eliminating the possibility of loss.

Get started in 60 seconds

It’s incredibly easy to get started with TOOB. Simply download the TOOBEMI App, register and complete verification.

It takes less than 60 seconds to sign up, so what are you waiting for?

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