TOOB for Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

Toobcoin is a cryptocurrency using its own blockchain, specially designed for use on mobile devices such as computers and smartphones.

Convenience and Ease of Use

Toobcoin is a mobile-friendly cryptocurrency, so it's pretty easy to use. You don't need fancy hardware, stunning servers, terminals or anything fancy to trade. Just a mobile phone is enough to exchange currency.

Contract (TRC20) : TV9HPmBWAC927VgYWfDWPgfUmj6nQYjjeU

Store your TOOB

Built into the TOOBEMI App is an TOOB Online Wallet. All your TOOB is stored here, ready to be used any time. You can receive TOOB into your TOOB Online Wallet by simply showing your QR code to another user.

Keeping your TOOB safe

The TOOBEMI App is secured by your own passcode, ensuring only you can access and spend your TOOB. For even greater security, you can transfer your TOOB to a paper (offline) wallet.

Spend TOOB easily

Built into the TOOBEMI App is a simple currency converter, allowing you to see exactly how much you’re spending, either in TOOB or your local currency. More than 20 currencies are currently supported.