Environment and natural resources

With the TOOBEMI ecosystem completing its development as a company, the majority of its investments are compared to many other companies. before the internet and space technology 70% of its assets will be reserved for environmental protection, protection of drinking water resources, ancestral seeds, agriculture and nature areas. having investment projects and acting in cooperation with various institutions and organizations in this field It is an ecosystem that continues to develop its investment projects in this field with a strong R&D team.

Water and Green

New and technological inventions have always created excitement, but disconnecting from the concrete realities of the world we live in means all the achievements will be in vain. The TOOBEMI ecosystem strives to leave a water and green world for the future.

Social responsibility

Every year, millions of children are victimized as refugees in refugee camps and because of the irregular immigration policies of countries. It has become the biggest problem of the 21st century. We will create a fairer world for refugee children by working with relevant institutions, organizations, associations and countries for refugee children.